Sustainable Resources Group of Buffalo (SRG) is a consulting, design, implementation and construction company whose focus is on:  Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Developing (LID), Ecological Site Design, Habitat Conservation and Storm Water Runoff Management. With our specialized hands-on experience and expertise, we assist our clients in developing unique and appropriate sustainable and low impact design strategies for their projects - that succeed, as well as exceed local code standards and criteria. 

SRG and its partners have several years of valuable hands-on field experience with the construction and project management of LID, Stormwater Runoff, SWPPP, Sustainable Sites, Ecological Design and Green Infrastructure developments – large and small. We have the resources to consult, design, engineer, manage, and or build projects. Our productions are not theoretical but the result of concrete lessons learned in the field. We understand what will, and will not work and HOW these will function. We have made mistakes and built successes upon those. We have adjusted processes to improve and insure 100% functionality. Our projects have become the local standard by which others are measured against.  

We can provide your project with the necessary storm water runoff impoundment and capture calculations, general site assessments and required code submissions for municipal review and approval processes. 

Plant Selections for Stormwater projects, urban habitats, rain gardens, green roofs and green infrastructure. 

SRG of Buffalo uses Nature as our inspiration - when possible. "What would Nature do? How would Nature do this?" is one of our first questions when reviewing a site. After each project we have completed, we make specific notations as to how we can then do the next project smarter, better, less costly. We are always looking for methodologies and techniques that can help improve the processes, decrease costs, function better, and convey to the public the: what, how and why. When the public buys in, then the rules, regulations and general perceptions will follow. We not only focus on what is right for the environment and the site, but also what is good for the community. We live in this community and we operate in it as well. We support it and endeavor to do all we can to build upon the progress that Buffalo is undergoing this very day. 


Dave Majewski, Principal, has been a diligent advocate for the last 11 years in helping Buffalo and WNY move in to the forefront of Green Infrastructure, Ecological Developing, Storm Water Runoff innovations and more. He has consulted with the city of Buffalo Office of Strategic Planning providing technical language for the upcoming 2014 Green Code. He has sat on Working/Policy Groups for: Water, Waste and Land Management for the WNY Sustainability Plan at the UB Regional Institute. Dave has consulted to Buffalo Niagara Riverkeepers for the 2009 "CSO60" Storm Water technical committee - and other BNR projects. 


Dave has additionally consulted and provided technical expertise to several other local institutions to include: PUSH Buffalo, Fillmore Corridor Coalition (active Environmental committee Chair), Buffalo Central Terminal, Erie County Public Library Engineering Dept; the Matt Urban Center; the Mass. Ave Project; Grass Roots Gardens of Buffalo; Community Action Organization - CAO, The City of Buffalo Dept. of Public Works Commissioner Steven Stepniak, and the ECIDA/BUDC offices. He has also provided technical consulting to
Briatico Architects of Buffalo, Savarino Construction Cos., Peyton Barlow Construction Management and to Emerald Services LLC.